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    Frugal Find: Dollar Tree Frozen Foods

    A few weeks ago I had a discussion with my friend Debbie about purchasing food items at dollar stores. She has a friend named Donna that swears that the frozen food section over at Dollar Tree is the best. Hearing this I just had to run over there to check it out myself.

    I was amazed at the selection of name brand frozen items that I found there. They had Cole’s Garlic Bread, Luigi’s Italian Ice and Banquet Dinners. As I scanned the freezer, I realized that they had fresh frozen Peaches and Strawberries. So I picked up a few bags of each and went on to the next freezer.

    I then found bags of  Corn, Broccoli and California Mixed Vegetables. But it was the Broccoli that I was especially interested in. The last time I purchased frozen Broccoli I had purchased  the Target brand and was highly disappointed. When I opened the bag I found that it was 90% of the way filled with stalks.

    So I paid for my purchase and went home. I just couldn’t wait to tear open one of those Broccoli bags to see what was inside. What a pleasant surprise to actually find florets! Then I opened the Peaches and and found firm sweet fruit. Everything I purchased was fresh and delicious. I can honestly say that in the future I will be purchasing frozen items at Dollar Tree on a regular basis. The only disadvantage of  shopping at the dollar store is that the selection is extremely limited.

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